Keeley Nicholas BDS. MFGDP(UK). MSc (Nutritional Therapy). mBANT CNHC

Registered Nutritional Therapist

Individual Appointments
Initial consultation appointment 75 mins £120 – £150
Follow up consultation 45 mins £75 – £120
One Initial consultation and one follow up appointment (2-3 weeks later) 75 mins
45 mins
One Initial consultation and two follow up appointments 75 mins
45 mins
One Initial consultation and four follow up appointments 75 mins
45 mins
Four follow up appointments (within a 12 month period) 45 mins £280
Other Costs
Supplements and

Functional tests

Sometimes supplements and functional tests may be advised. These will be discussed at the consultation appointments and costs will be provided

Due to the nature of nutritional therapy a minimum of two appointments is required

The number of therapy appointments required can vary. For more complex, or chronic conditions several appointments may be required over a longer period of time. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss this.

The costs reflect the depth of research undertaken before, and throughout the nutritional therapy process.

This enables me to provide a safe, effective and personalised nutritional protocol.

Payments are to be made prior to the appointment by BACS transfer. No card payment facilities are currently available.
Packages are to be paid up front and taken within a twelve month period. Based on being seen at The Nutrition Clinic or Farm Studio.
Follow up appointments are arranged 2-4 weeks after the initial appointment, or previous follow up appointment,
A  follow up appointment must be arranged within 12 weeks of the initial appointment, otherwise a full consultation fee will be charged.