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What Is Functional Medicine?

‘Functional Medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual’ Institute of Functional Medicine (USA).

A disease is essentially a collection of signs and symptoms. The symptoms have occurred because there is a problem…..  a deficiency or excess, an imbalance or defect in the functionality of the body.

Functional Medicine asks why you have this ‘dis-ease’, rather than what ‘dis-ease’ you have.

The aim is to understand why the body is malfunctioning, and then identify the defect, deficiency or imbalance.

Why have the symptoms developed? What imbalance exists?

The underlying root cause can then be addressed, and optimal health can be restored.

The body is a complicated integrated system and the individual body systems do not work in isolation from each other. This is why one condition can have many causes and many conditions can have one cause, and these may be different in one individual compared to another which is why Functional Medicine is individualised medicine.

When we use Functional Medicine principles the focus is on you as an individual, because your disease or symptoms may have a different root cause from your friend, or neighbour.

For this reason, a nutrition and lifestyle plan personalised to you is more effective.

Working in this way helps to prevent and reverse chronic disease.


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