Health & Wellbeing

Achieving and maintaining a healthy mind and body is considered a priority for many.

Despite feeling well and not having any specific concerns or ailments, many of us would like to ‘check in’ on our current food and lifestyle habits and ensure we are ‘doing the right thing’ and providing our bodies with an optimal nutrient intake, which will help to promote health, and minimise disease risk.

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Gut Health

Obvious symptoms of gut dysregulation include constipation, diarrhoea, bloating and flatulence, but less obvious signs and symptoms may include fatigue, headaches, and brain fog. ‘75% of the body’s immune system is present in the gut and optimising gut health by modifying nutrition and lifestyle factors is fundamental to overall health’.

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Women’s Health

The fine balance of female hormones is essential to the optimal functioning of our menstrual cycle, fertility, emotions, and sex drive.

When imbalances occur numerous problems can develop ranging from acne, headaches, anxiety and insomnia to heavy, painful periods, fibroids, endometriosis and infertility.

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Making improvements in nutritional intake and modifying certain lifestyle habits can positively impact on fertility and conception. Egg and sperm quality and production can be enhanced, and chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy improved.

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Hormone Systems – adrenal, thyroid and blood sugar balance.

The adrenal and thyroid systems interact intimately with each other, and with all the other hormone systems, including the hormones that regulate blood sugar. When there is an imbalance in one, this can lead to imbalances in other hormone systems. Nutritional and lifestyle modifications can have a positive impact in rebalancing these systems.

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Healthy Ageing

Ageing is inevitable, but how we age is not predetermined. If you could have an impact on how well you age, and slow the degenerative process, would you consider making changes to your diet, lifestyle and environment?

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Weight Management

Obtaining a healthy weight can feel like a huge challenge if you are overweight, but can help to decrease the risk of disease. Developing new eating practices, creating new habits and becoming aware of food value, and why certain diets fail, may put an end to your weight gain battle.

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Sport Performance Nutrition

Sports performance can be enhanced with optimal nutritional intake and timing of specific nutrients.  Nutritional Therapy can be used for specific training goals, identifying training energy requirements, and ensuring optimal balance of macro and micronutrients.  Assessing the body holistically Nutritional therapy also addresses digestive, inflammatory and immune issues that can arise from rigorous training routines.

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Children’s Nutrition

There are increasing rates of obesity, food intolerances, infections, allergies, skin problems, autism, depression, anxiety issues, eating disorders, digestive complaints, fatigue and sleep disturbances amongst our children. Optimal nutrition can support health and wellbeing in childhood, and decrease the risk of ill health in adulthood.

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