• Fatigue becomes more prevalent as we age
  • It is becoming more common in todays busy society, where relaxation is considered unimportant and unproductive, and ‘doing’ is the new ‘being’
  • When we do not listen to our bodies and push to continue with the daily routine, rather than taking some relaxation time, and when our bodies are not correctly nourished, or exposed to poor food choices our immune systems do not function well and we become susceptible to infections and develop illness
  • Chronic fatigue CFS (ME) is a multi-faceted disorder where fatigue (mental or physical) is extreme and debilitating

Symptoms of CFS Can Include

  • depression
  • muscle pain
  • muscle weakness
  • painful lymph nodes
  • recurrent headache
  • recurrent sore throat
  • prolonged fatigue following exercise
  • sleep disturbance (increased or insomnia) (Pizzorno et al 2008)
  • Other syndromes and conditions associated with fatigue e.g. adrenal fatigue, hypothyroidism, and multiple sclerosis
  • Fatigue can also be associated with gut inflammation, blood sugar dysregulation, toxic overload, overtraining

Mitochondrial Dysfunction

    • Mitochondria are organelles in every one of our cells, which produce the energy for our cells to function
    • Muscle cells have numerous mitochondria, and athletes have a very high density of mitochondria in their muscle cells
    • Fairly new research indicates that the reason for CFS, fatigue conditions, and possibly some other illnesses is due to failure of the mitochondria to produce the energy required
    • Small studies have indicated that improvement in diet, nutritional intakes, sleep, and improving work-life balance can improve functioning mitochondria (Myhill 2012)

How Can I Help?

Fatigue conditions may be related to imbalances in many bodily systems, including the digestive system. I will review and assess the symptoms you are currently suffering with. Working together we will create a unique, personalised nutritional and lifestyle protocol, designed specifically for you to help you to optimise your overall health and well being. I can assess your current diet and lifestyle factors, and indicate where changes may help improve your symptoms, working together, at a pace that suits you. I will provide you with the knowledge and the necessary tools to help you to restore your energy levels and improve wellbeing.

I will share with you nutritional advice, lifestyle recommendations, and recipes, which will support you in your quest for improved energy levels and optimal health.

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