Fertility is a whole body, two-person event which can be affected by the health of both of the individuals.

Men are considered fertile at all times. However women are fertile on 2-3 days of their cycle.

Whether you’re trying for a baby or looking for a natural method of contraception, it’s essential to be aware of your fertile time and the moment in your cycle when you could fall pregnant.

Noticing signs that indicate your fertile time each month, rather than relying on the assumption that it will be day 14, can make the difference between getting pregnant or not.

Delayed fertility may be the result of a lack of knowledge, observation or timing of the fertile period, resulting in ovulation being missed.

Nutrition and lifestyle can affect fertility and conception. Making improvements to both can help optimise fertility and enhance healthy egg and sperm production. It can also improve chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy and support IVF and assisted conception.

How can I help?

Recognising it takes two to conceive, it is recommended that both you and your partner attend for Nutritional Therapy.

As your Nutritional Therapist I will work with you both to identify the dietary and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to a delay in achieving pregnancy. I will assess the signs and symptoms you may be experiencing which might indicate imbalances. I’ll also create specific nutritional and lifestyle protocols for you both to optimise overall health and fertility with the aim of developing a healthy egg and sperm to create a healthy baby.

Working at a pace that suits you, I will introduce changes that are manageable for you both. I will also share some great tips, delicious, easy to prepare recipes and lifestyle advice to support you in your quest.

‘Your health is in your hands’


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