A healthy, functioning gut is fundamental for overall health, and achieving optimal gut health is considered paramount in Nutritional Therapy.

Symptoms such as diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, pain from trapped wind, belching and indigestion are obvious signs of gut problems, but less obvious symptoms may include brain fog, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, muscle aches and pains, skin problems and allergies.

The gut is home to approximately 70% of the immune system. Optimum gut function relies on the presence and adequate balance of gut bacteria (which reside there), and the presence of an intact barrier between the gut and the rest of the body.

Problems can arise when: –

  1. The bacteria become imbalanced (dysbiosis),
  2. Parasites colonise the gut, or
  3. the gut barrier becomes more permeable (leaky), allowing larger particles or toxins to pass into the blood stream.

Certain medications (antibiotics, ibuprofen, aspirin, steroids, proton pump inhibitors e.g. omeprazole) can have a profound affect on the gut bacteria or gut barrier integrity and many people notice symptoms following a course of antibiotics, or use of pain killing medication.

How can I help?

As your Nutritional Therapist I can help to identify the dietary and lifestyle factors that may be contributing to poor gut health, and may eventually lead to disease in the rest of the body.

Working with you, I will create a nutritional protocol which is tailored to meet your specific needs.

I will also provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to achieve optimal gut health, decrease symptoms and increase overall health and wellbeing.

Working at a pace that suits you, I will introduce changes that are manageable for you. In addition, I will share some great tips, delicious, easy to prepare recipes and lifestyle advice designed to support you in your quest.

‘Your health is in your hands’


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