Diet is the single most important factor for optimising sports performance, having a major impact on your training goals.

Specific training objectives require different nutritional requirements and strategic composition and timing of nutrients can help promote muscle protein synthesis, replenish muscle and liver glycogen levels and improve recovery rates.

Provision of a nutrient dense diet, rich in antioxidants, helps to counteract the free radical damage that results from intense exercise. Additionally, ensuring optimal hydration can effectively maintain exercise capacity.

Are you …………

  • confused by conflicting sports nutrition information?
  • training hard, but not achieving your desired body shape, or performance targets?
  • taking longer to recover, and getting tired more easily?
  • wanting to optimise your nutritional intake for a specific sports event?

How can I help?

As your Nutritional Therapist I will assess your training energy requirements, ensuring the balance is optimal to meet your desired objective.

I will also work with you to create a nutritional protocol, designed specifically for you, depending on your individual training goals and desired targets.

So, whether you’re looking for guidance on nutrient timing and composition for maximum achievement (weight loss, body fat reduction, increasing strength, building lean muscle, improved endurance, improved recovery etc.), or require a stricter regime for maintaining energy levels during an endurance event, I can provide you with the knowledge and necessary tools to help you achieve your goals.

Working at a pace that suits you, I will introduce changes that are manageable for you. I will also share some great tips, measurement tools, delicious, easy to prepare recipes and lifestyle advice to support you in your quest.

‘Your health is in your hands’


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