Benefit to Achieving a Healthy Weight

Obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight is beneficial to overall health. Excess fat around the middle can have a detrimental impact on your vital organs (heart, kidneys, liver), putting the body in an inflammatory state, and increasing the risk of arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer.

Obesity shortens life span by up to ten years and brings with it a host of debilitating health concerns.

Common Misconceptions

  • Many factors can affect our ability to achieve an ideal weight.
  • Sometimes, the quick fix may seem like the perfect solution but many ‘diets’ only work in the short term and often result in people regaining additional weight in the long term.
  • Missing meals, eating low fat products, consuming drinks high in empty calories (of little nutritional value) and constantly counting calories can lead to problems when trying to lose weight.
  • Equally, certain low calorie foods can actually have a detrimental affect on your body and surprisingly, may lead to increased weight gain.

How Can I Help?

As your Nutritional Therapist I will address the issues that may be affecting your ability to achieve your ideal weight. We will look at why you might be craving certain foods, and why blood sugar imbalances, stress, sleep disturbances, gut and hormone imbalances may be contributing to your weight gain.

Together, we will develop a personalised nutritional protocol. As part of this, I will recommend foods to replenish and restore your nutrient levels which will not only satisfy the body and reduce cravings, but also help you to achieve a healthy weight without feeling hungry.

My aim is to provide you with an optimum nutrition plan, supporting all your body’s systems, minimising the risk of disease and helping you maintain a healthy body for life.

I will provide you with the knowledge and the necessary tools to help you achieve your optimal weight. I’ll also support your detoxification systems, to ensure wellbeing throughout the process.

Working at a pace that suits you, I will introduce changes that are manageable for you. I will also share some great tips, delicious, easy to prepare recipes and lifestyle advice to support you in your quest.

‘Your health is in your hands’


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