The fine balance of female hormones is essential to the optimal functioning of our menstrual cycle, fertility, emotions and sex drive.

When imbalances occur, numerous problems can develop. These range from acne, headaches, anxiety and insomnia to fibroids, endometriosis, infertility and heavy, painful periods.

There are lots of reasons why imbalances may occur and these reasons will differ from woman to woman.

Our menstrual cycles are an important window into the way our hormones function. Being aware of what a healthy cycle is and the changes in our body that occur at each stage of this cycle can be enlightening. We can begin to understand and embrace the wonder of our female bodies and educate girls (and boys) about this cyclical monthly event. We can also become aware of irregularities and problems that we often accept as normal, all of which will help us find our way to a healthy menopause and beyond.

Nutrition and lifestyle can have a major impact on the balance of female hormones.

That’s why identifying nutritional imbalances and supporting lifestyle modifications can be life changing.

How can I help?

As your Nutritional Therapist I can help to identify the dietary and lifestyle factors that may be exacerbating the hormonal problems that you are encountering. Working together, we can create a nutritional protocol that’s designed specifically for you and that meets your individual requirements.

We can also look into products you use in your home and on your skin, in your environment and work place to identify certain chemicals or toxins that may be disrupting your hormone function.

I will provide you with the knowledge and the necessary tools to help you rebalance your hormones naturally, achieve a healthy menstrual cycle, minimise the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances and promote overall health and wellbeing. Working at a pace that suits you, I will introduce changes that are manageable for you. I will also share some great tips, delicious, easy to prepare recipes and lifestyle advice to support you in your quest

‘Your health is in your hands’


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