Having experienced severe pain and fatigue on and off for about two years, in May 2012 I was eventually diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). At the time of the diagnosis I was in so much pain I could hardly walk, straight away the hospital consultant gave me an injection to combat the pain and calm down the flair up I was experiencing. The consultant also prescribed two lots of major medication, which he explained I would have to be on for the rest of my life.

I have never been keen on taking medication so I was not happy to learn this but at the time I was in so much pain that I just accepted the medication. At first the medication did its job, the flair up disappeared and my painful joints returned to normal. However, after a couple of years on the medication I started experiencing other symptoms. Having checked the side effects of both medications, I realised my new symptoms were being caused by the RA drugs.

The side effects worsened and after 12 months fighting the hospital to come off the medication and changing hospitals, eventually my new consultant agreed that I could stop taking the RA drugs but she was concerned I would have no protection against the RA. After a few months most of the side effects eased and I started feeling well again. I then started looking into alternative treatments for RA as I was determined I was not going back on the medication.

The internet was full of advice and suggestions, as you can image, but time and time again following a nutritional diet kept appearing in the search results. After searching for a local nutritionists, a friend recommended Keeley. I have never been to see a Nutritional Therapist before so wasn’t sure what to expect, but I went to the first appointment with an open mind determined to give it a go. Keeley listened to my medical history, researched my RA and the symptoms brought on by the medications and provided me with a personalised nutritional plan. I followed Keeley’s plan to the letter and after only a few weeks started feeling much better, the fatigue had also improved, which the hospital consultants said nothing could be done about!

After nearly 2 years off the RA medication I have not experienced any flair ups, pain or joint swelling – it’s amazing. When I see friends I haven’t seen for a while they comment on how well and healthy I look and that is all down to Keeley’s advice. I continue to follow the nutritional plan and experiment with different recipes, I have removed all the rubbish from my diet, I’ve even gone teetotal but it’s a small price to pay for a healthy body. I can not thank Keeley enough for all her advice and guidance, I only wish I had found Keeley before I had started taking the major medications prescribed by the hospital.