The truth of the matter really is that you are what you eat, to use a well worn phrase but I am finding that it is very true. My blood sugar readings have been getting better and better aside from the impact of the two short breaks – better prep from me can eliminate that kind of thing for the future – I take NO meds whatsoever now having decided to get the junk out of my system when I started the programme. I’m looking forward to seeing my consultant at the QE next month for a review of my diabetes control and I can tell him where to stick any future medication!

Many thanks again. I am pleased to say that I eat like a king and the results for me have been massively improved blood sugar levels without medication of any kind, a bit more weight loss, less aches and pains, more energy and focus, with mental positivity and strength and just a general feeling of wellbeing and control over my life as a whole.