“Since my mid-twenties I had noticed a complete lack of energy and restlessness. I had been seeking advice through various NHS channels and having tests carried out. After a lengthy process, I was told it could be IBS and advised to follow a high fibre diet. Things were still not right in regards to headaches and stomach pains from certain food types/groups.
On leaving the forces and moving back to Worcester, I wanted to carry out testing again from another medical practice’s point of view now that I had settled in the area. Again, tests were carried out and similar results. Until this point I had been trying to seek help for a condition that I was starting to doubt even existed after all these years.

I was chatting to a friend about this and they recommended that I should contact Keeley to discuss my symptoms further. I made the call and discussed the history of having felt immediately tired and bloated after eating certain foods.

Whilst chatting on the phone initially to Keeley I felt that here is someone that wants to listen and that I could tell she was passionate about helping people. During the first appointment Keeley asked me to go over my history in full and we also discussed my current diet in length. Straight away Keeley identified what the issue could be and asked if I had even been tested for Coeliac disease (I informed Keeley that I had recently had a blood test but the results were inconclusive – again possible IBS).

Keeley reassured me that this was often the case for Coeliac disease. I felt complete relief that this issue was finally given a possible name, we then set about following a diet plan until my second appointment to see if there were any great changes. During the second appointment, I was completely relieved to report huge changes.

We then discussed that I should now report these findings in more detail with my local doctors practice, with a focus on Coeliac disease.

While the search to find an answer for my symptoms took over 5 years, the time with Keeley took months. Throughout our sessions, I was made to feel welcomed and secure in what I was discussing. Keeley gave me the confidence to seek further answer and tests from the NHS, of which I have now been confirmed as having Coeliac disease. Since this diagnosis and with the final dietary plans and advise from Keeley, I am now feeling back to normal and able to manage my new lifestyle. “