“I received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2011, this diagnosis came after 5 years of symptoms including debilitating fatigue, numbness, pins and needles, muscle spasms and many frightening others. It took many visits to my doctors surgery and lots of tests before the result finally came through following a nasty episode of double vision and permanent deafness. During this time i had lost confidence in myself, my doctor, my abilities and energy at work and felt very depressed not knowing what life would be like in the future. As a mother of a six year old, I was aware of my limited energy and ongoing health issues including residual damage, fatigue and the relapses that were still hitting me at a rate of 6-10 a year. The last relapse hit me hard and I was unable to work which severely affected my self esteem, value and worth..

On the advice of my consultant I started a disease modifying drug, but i was unsure of who to trust and who to put faith in to help me be well and not continue to worsen. I started on a drug injecting each day, I was very low, exhausted and unhappy and couldn’t see a way through or how i could ever be better. Keeley’s involvement in my journey and her commitment to researching my condition turned my life around. She provided a gentle approachable guidance to steps of how to rebuild my immune system and achievable nutrition advice that would ensure that my body was getting the nourishment it needed. She explained the need for omega 3 fish oils and vitamin D and cutting out of high sugar and processed foods, I maximised my intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and took the recommended vitamins and began to improve. Keeley had confidence in my ability to get well again and be the best that i could be, she gave me the belief to take the opportunity to do something to try and improve my health and to stop it worsening as quickly as it had been. She was my champion. I learned how to pace my energy, enjoy food and make the lifestyle choices in order to maintain the best health that i could for me and my family. To continue to be a mum who my daughter was proud of.

My well-being and nutritional support is an ongoing commitment i have made to myself. I continue to learn, experiment with recipes and try new enjoyable foods as suggested by Keeley, she sends me details of easy to make snacks and things to store in the fridge or freezer that on fatigue filled days i can reach in and grab, instead of reaching for the unhealthy snacks i would’ve eaten in the past.

Now 6 years on, my MS is classed as stable. My relapses still occur but are manageable and occur far less than before, I am finally down to one a year now. I feel so much happier than before, my life is enjoyable and isn’t ruled by MS. I am aware of what I put into my body but do not feel restricted by what i eat and enjoy food so much more than before. I am indebted to Keeley for her research, kindness, friendship, advice and support. I do not think I would be in the position I am today without her dedication to making me feel well again. Thank you. ”