“I first met Keeley in April 2018. I am training for a half Ironman Triathlon and was looking for advice and guidance on nutrition for before, during and after training sessions, to help improve not only my performance whilst training and racing, but to aid my recovery, and poor sleep patterns. After providing Keeley with a food diary, to my surprise she said I actually wasn’t eating enough! I was sceptical to begin with, that increasing my food intake was going to go hand in hand with putting on weight, but I was so wrong! Being educated in eating the right foods for my needs and eating at the right times has not only resulted in me being able to train for longer and harder without ‘hitting the wall’ but I now sleep better than I ever have before and have lost a bit of weight and showing some muscle definition – Which is a definite bonus when wearing lycra!

I can’t thank Keeley enough for what she has done for me, I wish I had met her years ago! and have no doubt I will be back to her when I decide on my next physical challenge!”