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Keeley’s nutritional and medical knowledge is very impressive

Keeley’s nutritional and medical knowledge is very impressive. Her analysis and bespoke advice is given in a kind, non judgmental way. She has transformed my previous thinking about what constitutes healthy eating. I have a better diet than ever and have loads more energy.


Diabetes and Blood Sugar Control

The truth of the matter really is that you are what you eat, to use a well worn phrase but I am finding that it is very true. My blood sugar readings have been getting better and better aside from the impact of the two short breaks – better prep from me can eliminate that kind of thing for the future – I take NO meds whatsoever now having decided to get the junk out of my system when I started the programme. I’m looking forward to seeing my consultant at the QE next month for a review of my diabetes control and I can tell him where to stick any future medication!

Many thanks again. I am pleased to say that I eat like a king and the results for me have been massively improved blood sugar levels without medication of any kind, a bit more weight loss, less aches and pains, more energy and focus, with mental positivity and strength and just a general feeling of wellbeing and control over my life as a whole.


Gut Health/Coeliac Disease

“Since my mid-twenties I had noticed a complete lack of energy and restlessness. I had been seeking advice through various NHS channels and having tests carried out. After a lengthy process, I was told it could be IBS and advised to follow a high fibre diet. Things were still not right in regards to headaches and stomach pains from certain food types/groups.
On leaving the forces and moving back to Worcester, I wanted to carry out testing again from another medical practice’s point of view now that I had settled in the area. Again, tests were carried out and similar results. Until this point I had been trying to seek help for a condition that I was starting to doubt even existed after all these years.

I was chatting to a friend about this and they recommended that I should contact Keeley to discuss my symptoms further. I made the call and discussed the history of having felt immediately tired and bloated after eating certain foods.

Whilst chatting on the phone initially to Keeley I felt that here is someone that wants to listen and that I could tell she was passionate about helping people. During the first appointment Keeley asked me to go over my history in full and we also discussed my current diet in length. Straight away Keeley identified what the issue could be and asked if I had even been tested for Coeliac disease (I informed Keeley that I had recently had a blood test but the results were inconclusive – again possible IBS).

Keeley reassured me that this was often the case for Coeliac disease. I felt complete relief that this issue was finally given a possible name, we then set about following a diet plan until my second appointment to see if there were any great changes. During the second appointment, I was completely relieved to report huge changes.

We then discussed that I should now report these findings in more detail with my local doctors practice, with a focus on Coeliac disease.

While the search to find an answer for my symptoms took over 5 years, the time with Keeley took months. Throughout our sessions, I was made to feel welcomed and secure in what I was discussing. Keeley gave me the confidence to seek further answer and tests from the NHS, of which I have now been confirmed as having Coeliac disease. Since this diagnosis and with the final dietary plans and advise from Keeley, I am now feeling back to normal and able to manage my new lifestyle. “


Autoimmune Conditions – Rheumatoid Artritis

Having experienced severe pain and fatigue on and off for about two years, in May 2012 I was eventually diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). At the time of the diagnosis I was in so much pain I could hardly walk, straight away the hospital consultant gave me an injection to combat the pain and calm down the flair up I was experiencing. The consultant also prescribed two lots of major medication, which he explained I would have to be on for the rest of my life.

I have never been keen on taking medication so I was not happy to learn this but at the time I was in so much pain that I just accepted the medication. At first the medication did its job, the flair up disappeared and my painful joints returned to normal. However, after a couple of years on the medication I started experiencing other symptoms. Having checked the side effects of both medications, I realised my new symptoms were being caused by the RA drugs.

The side effects worsened and after 12 months fighting the hospital to come off the medication and changing hospitals, eventually my new consultant agreed that I could stop taking the RA drugs but she was concerned I would have no protection against the RA. After a few months most of the side effects eased and I started feeling well again. I then started looking into alternative treatments for RA as I was determined I was not going back on the medication.

The internet was full of advice and suggestions, as you can image, but time and time again following a nutritional diet kept appearing in the search results. After searching for a local nutritionists, a friend recommended Keeley. I have never been to see a Nutritional Therapist before so wasn’t sure what to expect, but I went to the first appointment with an open mind determined to give it a go. Keeley listened to my medical history, researched my RA and the symptoms brought on by the medications and provided me with a personalised nutritional plan. I followed Keeley’s plan to the letter and after only a few weeks started feeling much better, the fatigue had also improved, which the hospital consultants said nothing could be done about!

After nearly 2 years off the RA medication I have not experienced any flair ups, pain or joint swelling – it’s amazing. When I see friends I haven’t seen for a while they comment on how well and healthy I look and that is all down to Keeley’s advice. I continue to follow the nutritional plan and experiment with different recipes, I have removed all the rubbish from my diet, I’ve even gone teetotal but it’s a small price to pay for a healthy body. I can not thank Keeley enough for all her advice and guidance, I only wish I had found Keeley before I had started taking the major medications prescribed by the hospital.


Multiple Sclerosis

“I received a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2011, this diagnosis came after 5 years of symptoms including debilitating fatigue, numbness, pins and needles, muscle spasms and many frightening others. It took many visits to my doctors surgery and lots of tests before the result finally came through following a nasty episode of double vision and permanent deafness. During this time i had lost confidence in myself, my doctor, my abilities and energy at work and felt very depressed not knowing what life would be like in the future. As a mother of a six year old, I was aware of my limited energy and ongoing health issues including residual damage, fatigue and the relapses that were still hitting me at a rate of 6-10 a year. The last relapse hit me hard and I was unable to work which severely affected my self esteem, value and worth..

On the advice of my consultant I started a disease modifying drug, but i was unsure of who to trust and who to put faith in to help me be well and not continue to worsen. I started on a drug injecting each day, I was very low, exhausted and unhappy and couldn’t see a way through or how i could ever be better. Keeley’s involvement in my journey and her commitment to researching my condition turned my life around. She provided a gentle approachable guidance to steps of how to rebuild my immune system and achievable nutrition advice that would ensure that my body was getting the nourishment it needed. She explained the need for omega 3 fish oils and vitamin D and cutting out of high sugar and processed foods, I maximised my intake of fresh fruit and vegetables and took the recommended vitamins and began to improve. Keeley had confidence in my ability to get well again and be the best that i could be, she gave me the belief to take the opportunity to do something to try and improve my health and to stop it worsening as quickly as it had been. She was my champion. I learned how to pace my energy, enjoy food and make the lifestyle choices in order to maintain the best health that i could for me and my family. To continue to be a mum who my daughter was proud of.

My well-being and nutritional support is an ongoing commitment i have made to myself. I continue to learn, experiment with recipes and try new enjoyable foods as suggested by Keeley, she sends me details of easy to make snacks and things to store in the fridge or freezer that on fatigue filled days i can reach in and grab, instead of reaching for the unhealthy snacks i would’ve eaten in the past.

Now 6 years on, my MS is classed as stable. My relapses still occur but are manageable and occur far less than before, I am finally down to one a year now. I feel so much happier than before, my life is enjoyable and isn’t ruled by MS. I am aware of what I put into my body but do not feel restricted by what i eat and enjoy food so much more than before. I am indebted to Keeley for her research, kindness, friendship, advice and support. I do not think I would be in the position I am today without her dedication to making me feel well again. Thank you. ”


Sport Nutrition

“I first met Keeley in April 2018. I am training for a half Ironman Triathlon and was looking for advice and guidance on nutrition for before, during and after training sessions, to help improve not only my performance whilst training and racing, but to aid my recovery, and poor sleep patterns. After providing Keeley with a food diary, to my surprise she said I actually wasn’t eating enough! I was sceptical to begin with, that increasing my food intake was going to go hand in hand with putting on weight, but I was so wrong! Being educated in eating the right foods for my needs and eating at the right times has not only resulted in me being able to train for longer and harder without ‘hitting the wall’ but I now sleep better than I ever have before and have lost a bit of weight and showing some muscle definition – Which is a definite bonus when wearing lycra!

I can’t thank Keeley enough for what she has done for me, I wish I had met her years ago! and have no doubt I will be back to her when I decide on my next physical challenge!”

Katrina (2018) - Kidderminster

Life After Babies

“Keeley has literally changed my life! I wish I had seen her decades ago! Having raced all over the world in triathlon before having the kids, I didn’t like how my body had changed since having baby number 2. I was desperate to lose weight but wanted to do it properly by nourishing my body. Working with Keeley has totally exceeded my expectations….she’s done far more for me than weight loss….she has healed my body inside and out! I cannot believe that I’ve broken habits and food addictions of a lifetime. She’s given me back power over the food choices I make and made me feel like a new woman. I’m energised, on the ball, refreshed, uplifted – all of that with 2 kids! I don’t struggle with the mood swings I used to, have the cravings I once had, or feel that energy slump at 3pm. Just like you’d book in for a regular car M.O.T I think everyone should book in with Keeley to have a look at the food choices they’re making and make positive steps to feel better!

Thanks so much Keeley”

Sam (2018)
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