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On Saturday 6Th May 2017 we opened the doors to The Farm Studio for the first time.

This had been a dream for Liz (Havard) and I since I started studying for my MSc in Nutritional Therapy. During many a sports massage session (highly recommended), where the tension and knots were pummelled from my neck and shoulders (as a result of my generally poor postured dentistry), we envisaged our idyllic countryside haven. A tranquil space where health and wellbeing could be enhanced with combined supportive therapies.

Through two pregnancies resulting in two beautiful boys and two maternity leaves (both Liz’s), and my extensive study we arrive at the day when our dream is realised.

‘Hi five’ us!!

Well, actually ‘Hi five’ Liz.

I can take no credit for the design and financial outlay of this amazing place, for she has designed and funded this herself. It has such a serene and peaceful feel and the most incredible outlook. I am both delighted and privileged to be given the opportunity to work in such a beautiful setting, with such caring, positive, supportive therapists; Liz, Sarah and Diane. And to be part of a team providing therapies, which compliment each other and offer a holistic approach to health and wellbeing for our community as a whole.

We celebrated with some fizz and homemade canapes!

Chatted about nutrition over healthy snacks………

We welcomed a fantastic group of individuals including newcomers, wonderful friends and family, Liz and Sarah’s massage clients and Liz’s Pilates groups.

Liz demonstrated the reformers and some Pilates moves…….

…… and Diane of ‘Time to Flourish’ invited some mindfulness practice.

We all look forward to welcoming you to The Farm Studio.

I will be working at The Farm Studio on a Friday morning from 26th May 2017. Please call or email me to book an appointment.

We will also be arranging some small group talks combining our therapies for some well-rounded holistic advice.

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