1) Free 15 minute phone consultation (optional)

  • A brief discussion about nutritional therapy and its suitability for you
  • Prior arrangement required

2) Questionnaire

  • Prior to your initial consultation, a questionnaire will be emailed or posted to you. To enable me to do some prior research and so you obtain maximum benefit from your consultation, I recommend this is completed and returned before your appointment
  • As part of the questionnaire, you will be asked to provide information on current signs and symptoms, family and medical history and a three-day food intake diary.
  • You will also be asked what you would like help with.

(If you would prefer not to complete the questionnaire in advance, we can complete it together during the consultation process – please contact me to discuss this option).

3) Initial Consultation

  • The initial consultation lasts for approximately 75 minutes
  • Further questions may be asked to obtain as much information as possible about your concerns
  • Explanations may be offered as to why you may be experiencing certain symptoms. These may depend on certain lifestyle, nutrient or environmental factors
  • A personalised nutritional and lifestyle protocol will be developed, which is unique to you
  • This is an interactive process, with input from yourself, so that the changes being proposed are manageable for you.
  • Handouts, recipes and information sheets specific to your requirements may be provided
  • Supplements, may be of benefit in certain cases, and will be discussed, if necessary
  • In certain cases, functional testing will be discussed, explained and offered to you as part of your nutritional therapy process. Functional tests can provide further insight into signs and symptoms being experienced

4) Follow-up Consultation(s)

  • Follow up consultations take approximately 45 minutes
  • Usually 3-4 weeks after initial consultation
  • A review will be undertaken of signs and symptoms and any changes in medical, or medication history
  • Improvements in symptoms will be noted and any difficulties discussed.
  • Further nutritional and lifestyle recommendations may be advised
  • If thought to be necessary, supplements and functional tests may be discussed and advised
  • Further follow up appointments will be arranged if necessary


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