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As your Nutritional Therapist I will not be diagnosing any conditions, or treating diseases.

My aim is to empower you to make positive changes and create habits that contribute to a long, healthy life. To help you provide your body with excellent nutrition, and enhance your lifestyle and environment so that you can ensure your body receives what is required to live your best life every day.

Free 30 Minute Phone Consultation

I offer a 30 Minute complimentary consultation to discuss your health needs. This enables you to chat through your health concerns and your desired outcomes. You get to know me a bit more, and I can give you some top tips to help start you on your journey. You may feel this is all you need and require, or you may choose to join me for twelve weeks on a programme with more support.

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The programmes I offer are designed so modifications to diet and lifestyle can be made gradually over a twelve-week period without being overwhelming, and with the aim of fully assessing your health needs, creating habits and providing long-term positive health benefits. I also offer maintenance programmes for ongoing support.

The programmes differ in the level of support they offer, and this will depend on your individual circumstances. I can chat through these options with you and offer the best advice for you personally, to achieve your desired goals.


Prior to your initial consultation you will be required to complete a questionnaire. This enables pre-consultation preparation. so you can obtain maximum benefit from your consultation. You will be asked to provide information about your current signs and symptoms, your family and medical history and your desired outcomes. I also request a food intake diary over three days, which shows me what you like to eat, and helps when suggesting recommendations. You do not need to ‘wait until you are having a good week’, your ‘bad day’ can often help focus the programme, and help me to understand your food choice triggers. If you have any concerns about this we can have a chat about it.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation lasts for approximately 90 minutes.

This is your time to talk, and be listened to you, for you to express your health concerns, discuss your symptoms and get specific what you really want to achieve.

Together we will be look how and what you eat and drink, your sleep patterns, what you do to move your body, how stress is impacting and what you do to relax. I may offer some explanations as to why certain symptoms might be presenting and suggest some strategies, which may help you. Then, together we devise a nutrition and lifestyle plan for you to follow for the next week or two. This is an interactive process, with input from yourself, so that the changes being proposed are manageable for you.

Progress Calls

Progress calls take around 30 minutes.

We chat through your previous week on the nutrition and lifestyle plan, celebrate the successes and address your challenges. We may modify the plan if necessary.

Follow Up Consultations

Follow up consultations take approximately 45-50 minutes.

I consult from The Nutrition Clinic, which is my home clinic, or The Farm Studio, which is a consultation room, at the local Pilates studio.
I also offer Zoom consultations from the comfort of your own home.

We will discuss your experience on the protocol since our last appointment, monitor your progress, review your signs and symptoms and discuss any difficulties.

As you progress through the twelve week programme, and improvements become apparent, your nutrition and lifestyle protocol will be modified to further enhance health and wellbeing.


Supplements can enhance dietary changes and may be recommended as part of a protocol. Supplements are charged for separately and are not included in the fees for the twelve-week programme.

Functional Testing

Functional testing can provide further insight into how the body is functioning. There are numerous functional tests available, and this will be tailored to you and your individual requirements.

They can flag up deficiencies or excesses of vitamins, cofactors and minerals, identify the presence of pathogens, viruses or toxins, provide insight into how the body is metabolising and identify hormone imbalances.

The results of functional testing can provide essential information that ensure nutritional therapy protocols are focused and help to hasten the process to resolution of signs and symptoms.

Functional tests are charged for separately and are not included in the twelve-week programme.

Working Alongside Your Medical Team

I work alongside the medical profession, supporting the medical treatment and care that is already being provided.
I may consult your GP, or healthcare worker, or ask for them to monitor certain aspects of your health (as improvement may occur as a result of the protocols advised)*.

I will not ask you to stop any medication, or stop any treatment protocol, although if your symptoms improve your GP may advise this.

I will ensure that the recommendations or supplements advised will not interfere with any medications currently taken.

I will advise you if any of your medications deplete specific nutrients.

*with your written consent only.


I offer a 30-minute free telephone consultation. Book your appointment now!

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