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Complimentary Health Review

I offer a 30 Minute complimentary consultation to discuss your health needs. This enables you to chat through your health concerns and discuss your health goals. You get to know me a bit more and I can give you some top tips to help direct you on your journey to health.

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I offer nutrition and lifestyle programmes which differ in the level of support you require to achieve your goals

My programmes are designed so modifications to diet and lifestyle can be made gradually over a twelve-week period without being overwhelming, and with the aim of fully assessing your health needs, creating habits and providing long-term positive health benefits. Prices start at £450 for a full twelve week programme.

They are similar in that they all include

  • An extensive health assessment, including family and medical history, life events and injuries that may have triggered, or be may exacerbating symptoms.
  • Current medication assessment to include possible interactions (with supplements and foods), and nutrient depletions.
  • A lifestyle assessment incorporating sleep, stress, movement and other significant lifestyle factors.
  • Personalised nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, which are designed to enhance optimal function and health, focusing on your goals. The recommendations provided are unique to you; it is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach and will utilise the principles of Functional Medicine to address the root causes of conditions or symptoms
  • Guidance on favourable and non-favourable foods for you as an individual, and education of why this is the case.
  • Health coaching to help you identify your health needs, support you as you make changes to your diet and navigate the nutritional programme. Health coaching can also address and help overcome challenges, which may have prevented previous successes.
  • Advice on recommended supplement regimes, and discounts from specific companies.
  • Recommendation and interpretation of functional testing, if required.
  • Body composition monitoringg. weight, BMI, body measurements.
  • Guidance on shopping, preparation, planning, simple recipe ideas and resources.
  • Support in person, via email, or Skype, Zoom or Facetime according to your needs and selected programme.

I also offer three maintenance programmes for those wishing to continue on their health journey with support after their initial programme.

Additional Costs

Functional Tests

I offer a full range of functional tests, including blood, saliva, stool and urine tests. Many of these can be carried out at home, but some will require a blood sample to be taken.

Testing can help determine deficiencies, imbalances and metabolic issues and are generally advised on an individual basis. However, it is often useful to have an understanding of deficiency and imbalance from the offset as this can be strategic in focusing the nutritional therapy protocol.


Often recommended as part of a nutritional therapy protocol.

Assessed and recommended on an individual basis.

The supplements I recommend are high quality, from reputable supplement companies and have good levels of the nutrients and minimal excipients (junk).


I offer a 30-minute free telephone consultation. Book your appointment now!

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